Feb. 9th, 2011

lady_branwyn: (Niphredil)
My left hand is doing fine on the frets, no problem, but my right hand is freaking out because it is suddenly required to use the fingers separately. Very different from holding a bow. Many aspects of guitar playing seem very alien to me. Since the strings are so resonant, you have to stop the strings with your hand whenever there is a rest in the music. I had trouble dealing with that until I decided that I was simply "playing" the rests.
I am still working on growing out the nails on my right hand. My thumbnail is not doing very well. The acrylic hardener didn't seem to agree with it, and now it looks a little deformed. Odd.
So that's my exciting life. Oh, and I've had a respiratory infection for nearly three weeks. The nice doctor gave me antiobiotics because I definitely had a bacterial infection, but the drugs are almost gone and I am still sick. *sigh*


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