Feb. 12th, 2011

lady_branwyn: (Technopeasant)
Do any of you know how to set up a feed from someone else's Facebook account to LJ? I'd like to get "The Iceland Weather Report," but the writer has moved from a blog to Facebook.

As an advance reward for your assistance, here is Cracked.com's explanation of Livejournal. Lol...

Regarding Facebook, one of my reasons for creating an account was to keep in touch with an old acquaintance who is having a rough time at the moment. Once her life has settled down, I will probably delete the account. Facebook is too intrusive. A Facebook friend posted a link to an LJ poll, and when I clicked on the link, the poll opened in my LJ "friends page" with the response under my LJ user name. Apparently, Facebook used my e-mail address to link to my LJ identity. Not good.


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