Mar. 1st, 2011

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The Last Ring-Bearer, a reimagining of the LOTR by Kyrill Yeskov

History is written by the victors so Kyrill Yeskov (a Russian paleontologist) decided to write the events in "The Lord of the Rings" from the viewpoint of the losers. Some of the heroes are revealed to be less than heroic, and the villains are given a chance to tell their side of the story. The War is driven by economic and political forces that are more complicated than a simple conflict of good versus evil. Written in 1999, the novel was only recently translated into English. The translation was a labor of love by a fan and is a little rough, but its minor deficiencies do not detract from the story. After only a few pages, I was thoroughly hooked on Yeskov's subversive take on the history of MiddleEarth.


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