Mar. 10th, 2011

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Auden's New York Times review of Fellowship is often quoted ("For anyone who likes the genre to which it belongs, the Heroic Quest, I cannot imagine a more wonderful Christmas present."), but the reviews of the other two books are less familiar.

Published October 31, 1954, The Hero is a Hobbit by W. H. Auden (Yes, that was the title of the review!)

Published May 1, 1955, Shadowy World of Men and Hobbits by Donald Barr (an English professor at Columbia University who years later wrote science ficton). Of the three reviews, his is the one that conveys the appeal of the books and would make me want to read them.

Published January 26, 1956, At the End of the Quest, Victory by W. H. Auden (Way to give away the ending, W.H.!) Not so much a review as an apologia for the genre.

Note: Not much participation in Day 8's quiz; too difficult? I admit that the only ones I guessed correctly were Bombur and Thorin.


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