May. 19th, 2011

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According to an American preacher, the end of the world will occur on Saturday at "around 6 pm" (I am assuming that this is based on local time for Oakland, CA, so please make any necessary conversions to avoid being caught with your pants down).
In response, atheists are holding "rapture parties" to celebrate their impending damnation. I offer some party-planning suggestions; please feel free to leave your own ideas in the comments.

alcoholic drinks--flaming Jesus (vodka, lime, grenadine), screaming purple Jesus (purple Koolaid and something called Everclear which sounds like a cleaning solution)
food--deviled eggs, devil's food cake, angel cake, barbeque ribs, heavenly hash
nonalcoholic drinks--Virgin Mary
movies--2012, Terminator: Judgement Day, Armageddon, The Day after Tomorrow

Edit: Everclear is a "neutral grain spirit" with 95% alcohol content which is often used to make Jello shots and doubles as an antiseptic. Always good to know...


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