Jun. 9th, 2011

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Notable persons who served in World War 1--Art, Music, and Literature

Some of the entries on the list were a surprise. Poor H.H. Munro got himself killed in a spectacularly clueless fashion.

I also discovered that violinist Fritz Kreisler (famous for being not only a great musician but also a genuinely decent human being) wrote a war memoir entitled Four Weeks in the Trenches. It's an interesting narrative that provides a view that is less bitter than many, perhaps because he was invalided out so early in the war. He was badly wounded during an attack by Cossack cavalry, but he eventually recovered enough to continue his concert career.

Edit: Notable persons who served in World War 1--Stage and Screen

I wish I could search this site for more of these lists, but I can't use their search function since I am not a member. Rats.

Further edit: I joined the site, so if anyone is interested in seeing the lists of scientists, politicians, athletes, etc., just let me know and I will post the links.


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