Jun. 13th, 2011

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Some marketing executive who probably washes with facial cleanser from a plastic tube has decided to change the formula of Pears soap. They've altered the lovely thyme scent, and the bar doesn't last as long or have the same distinctive shape (the top is no longer concave).
Sometimes it can require searching, but we've always been able to find Pears in this part of the country, I suspect due to the proximity of Canada. My mother was a big fan, and I still use it to wash my face.
According to reader comments, US retailers are still running through their "old stock" of the bar soap so I still have time to amass my own hoard...

Edit: Hmm, sounds like they've been "improving" the formula for a few years; however, my remaining unopened box has the old ingredients of rosin and "Pears fragrance extract" and thyme.

Edit: The drugstore has only the new variety. Noooooooo! The closest substitute is Neutrogena, but that makes my skin feel like it is going to peel off.


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