Dec. 3rd, 2011

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Not satisfied with playing with the laptop, Kimba managed to sneak into the attic yesterday. There is a half-height door leading from the upstairs bedroom into storage space under the eaves. We made the mistake of giving her a moment of opportunity, and she took it with astounding speed. She was very excited to discover this new place and completely ignored my calls to come back. Every whisker was standing on end, and her eyes were completely round. She waded in the loose insulation then wandered off into the unfinished crawl space on the far side of the house. We can't fit back there, so we had to wait for her to (hopefully) come back. Luckily, she's easily bored and needs to know where her people are, so it didn't take long. I grabbed her as soon as she was in range. Her whiskers were decorated with fluff, and I was ready for a stiff drink.


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