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This afternoon, Lord Branwyn and I saw a matinee of "Sherlock Holmes and A Game of Shadows."

Overall, it was fun to watch. Jude Law and Robert Downey, Jr., are still wonderful together, but (in my opinion) the movie would have been improved by toning down the silliness. If it gets too bizarre, action/adventure can descend into slapstick comedy. Also, there were so many homoerotic jokes that it made you wonder if the producers were deliberately catering to slash fandom. At times, I felt as if the film-makers were looking over my shoulder, laughing along with me, and that did interfere with my ability to immerse myself in the film. My favorite scene was Watson shooting the giant artillery piece. I also laughed at poor Holmes on that stubby, little pony (though anyone who has been around horses can tell you that he is much better off on a horse than an independent-minded pony). Because it is his job (lol), Lord Branwyn points out that Watson's Italian submachine gun is out of period and most of the large guns are also anachronistic. Moriarity is suitably disturbing and Watson is just about perfect. Holmes, however, strikes me as just a little too dysfunctional to be convincing. So, I give "Game of Shadows" three stars out of five. I do hope that it does well enough in theatres for there to be a third movie.
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