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This afternoon, Lord Branwyn and I saw a matinee of "Sherlock Holmes and A Game of Shadows."

Cut for spoilers )
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Lord Branwyn and I had a hobbit breakfast this morning at the local First Watch restaurant--sauteed mushrooms topped with cheese, eggs, hashbrown potatoes, and English muffins. Nom.

I was discussing "A Game of Thrones" with Lord Branwyn (who bought it in an airport years ago, started reading it and never finished). When I said the author's name, it came out something like "George Arrrarrrhh Martin" which made me laugh because I sounded like a pirate. Then Lord Branwyn pointed out that Martin's name was no funnier than "J. Arrrrarrrh Tolkien." Though those two initials are about all the two authors have in common. Martin is the anti-Tolkien.
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Very entertaining. Demented but in a good way. Some of the humor could be fully appreciated only by a cat-owner.
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Many thanks to the munificent [ profile] valis2 for sending me Robin Hood Retold...Robin Hood and The Men of the Greenwood! I was puzzled by the lack of author attribution on the title page, until Lord Branwyn explained that this meant that it was written by God. :D
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I still haven't finished the first book, and I may not finish it. Cut for spoilers and gnashing of teeth )
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I won't see the televised series for a while, but I decided to read the book so I can intelligently follow the wild fangurl squeeing. Provisioned with two freshly-baked coconut cupcakes and a big cup of coffee, I retreated to my comfy chair with Lord Branwyn's copy of A Game of Thrones.

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