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Thought this was interesting--a scientist has created a wildlife preserve of Ice Age mammals in Siberia. His aim is to repopulate the empty lands with the creatures that roamed them 10,000 years ago. I'd never heard of the Yakutian horse, but they are sturdy, stocky little things and look very wise.
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Due to the unusually hot summer, the horses are getting an electrolyte powder as supplement in their feed. Sort of like apple-flavored Gatorade for horses. We are also putting fly masks on before we turn them out. The masks are made from fine mesh and have shaped pockets to cover the horse's ears. They make the horses look like puppets, lol, but the horses don't seem to mind wearing them.
The barn cat, a little, one-eared tiger cat who is inexplicably named "Calico," has warmed up to us, to the point where she will let us pat her. Today, she further demonstrated her affection by bringing us a large rodent. We were suitably impressed. We had never seen any evidence of hunting in the last five years and were beginning to wonder if she knew how. We admired her handiwork and gave her a handful of cat treats.
Edit: Horse in a fly mask. Most of the horses at the barn duck their heads so you can put the mask on them more easily. They really don't seem to mind wearing it, but they may have figured out that the alternative is a swarm of flies buzzing in their eyes and ears.


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