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Notable persons who served in World War 1--Art, Music, and Literature

Some of the entries on the list were a surprise. Poor H.H. Munro got himself killed in a spectacularly clueless fashion.

I also discovered that violinist Fritz Kreisler (famous for being not only a great musician but also a genuinely decent human being) wrote a war memoir entitled Four Weeks in the Trenches. It's an interesting narrative that provides a view that is less bitter than many, perhaps because he was invalided out so early in the war. He was badly wounded during an attack by Cossack cavalry, but he eventually recovered enough to continue his concert career.

Edit: Notable persons who served in World War 1--Stage and Screen

I wish I could search this site for more of these lists, but I can't use their search function since I am not a member. Rats.

Further edit: I joined the site, so if anyone is interested in seeing the lists of scientists, politicians, athletes, etc., just let me know and I will post the links.
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1. You can practice quietly which is great when travelling or late at night. Yes, you can put a mute on a violin, but the volume is still loud.
2. You can easily drink coffee or beer with one hand while practicing.
3. There are plenty of female violinists, but female guitarists are rare. If you want to attract male attention, go into a guitar store. There might be a stray girl tagging along with her boyfriend, but you will probably be the only woman in the place.
4. Instruments and accessories are a lot cheaper. I haven't figured out why, but it may be due to economies of scale--there are hordes of amateur guitarists out there and not so many amateur violinists.
5. No violin hickey on your neck. :D
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Playing chords would be much easier if I had a few additional fingers or fingers the width of a pencil. More guitar babbling... )
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"Now for some music!" said Thorin. "Bring out the instruments!"
--"An Unexpected Party," The Hobbit

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My left hand is doing fine on the frets, no problem, but my right hand is freaking out because it is suddenly required to use the fingers separately. Very different from holding a bow. Many aspects of guitar playing seem very alien to me. Since the strings are so resonant, you have to stop the strings with your hand whenever there is a rest in the music. I had trouble dealing with that until I decided that I was simply "playing" the rests.
I am still working on growing out the nails on my right hand. My thumbnail is not doing very well. The acrylic hardener didn't seem to agree with it, and now it looks a little deformed. Odd.
So that's my exciting life. Oh, and I've had a respiratory infection for nearly three weeks. The nice doctor gave me antiobiotics because I definitely had a bacterial infection, but the drugs are almost gone and I am still sick. *sigh*
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The Kenmore Progressive vacuum cleaner can also be used as a guitar footstool. :D
Edit: And I am probably the last person on earth using a mechanical metronome.


Jan. 19th, 2011 06:34 pm
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My first guitar lesson went well, though I was informed that I need to grow out my fingernails! When I was at the age when I would have wanted long nails, my violin teacher insisted that I keep them short, and now I am volunteering in the barn which is hazardous even to short nails. Maybe a few coats of polish will help. My teacher said that when his start to split he fixes them with super glue, lol. He also told me about a free recital next week by Jason Vieaux at a church about ten minutes from my home.

On a less sublime note, I am feeling very virtuos because I made fish chowder for supper and used up some old potatoes. It's the little things.

The cats seem to be getting along better. I am not sure if it is the drugs (two Feliway diffusers) or my fussing ridiculously over Kimba.

The fic for the [ profile] lotr_community challenge will be late, but at least I am writing something after a two-month dry spell.

Edit: And I saw U2 guy at the music school! Every bit as cute as his picture.
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My lesson today was cancelled because U2 guy was sick. Much disappointment. He probably just didn't want to venture out in the blizzard. So I rescheduled but with a different teacher who is not as cute (actually, not cute at all) but has better musical credentials. So we will see. :)
Edit: I've noticed a lack of female guitar players. I wonder why?


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