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Not satisfied with playing with the laptop, Kimba managed to sneak into the attic yesterday. There is a half-height door leading from the upstairs bedroom into storage space under the eaves. We made the mistake of giving her a moment of opportunity, and she took it with astounding speed. She was very excited to discover this new place and completely ignored my calls to come back. Every whisker was standing on end, and her eyes were completely round. She waded in the loose insulation then wandered off into the unfinished crawl space on the far side of the house. We can't fit back there, so we had to wait for her to (hopefully) come back. Luckily, she's easily bored and needs to know where her people are, so it didn't take long. I grabbed her as soon as she was in range. Her whiskers were decorated with fluff, and I was ready for a stiff drink.
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It turns out that the unearthly screeching was probably a raccoon fight, lol. I had never heard one before, but people describe the sound as demons fighting in their backyard. I heard quieter trilling and clucking sounds outside the window last night which may have been a mama and her kits drinking from the birdbath.

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Some marketing executive who probably washes with facial cleanser from a plastic tube has decided to change the formula of Pears soap. They've altered the lovely thyme scent, and the bar doesn't last as long or have the same distinctive shape (the top is no longer concave).
Sometimes it can require searching, but we've always been able to find Pears in this part of the country, I suspect due to the proximity of Canada. My mother was a big fan, and I still use it to wash my face.
According to reader comments, US retailers are still running through their "old stock" of the bar soap so I still have time to amass my own hoard...

Edit: Hmm, sounds like they've been "improving" the formula for a few years; however, my remaining unopened box has the old ingredients of rosin and "Pears fragrance extract" and thyme.

Edit: The drugstore has only the new variety. Noooooooo! The closest substitute is Neutrogena, but that makes my skin feel like it is going to peel off.
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Something--and I still don't know what--was making a racket at 4 this morning. The noise was outside but was still piercingly loud and woke me out of a sound sleep. I've never heard anything like it--like the scream of a dying animal mixed with the shriek of fatigued metal. Our black cat fled to the cellar, Kimba stared at me wide-eyed. I woke up Lord Branwyn (who could sleep through the Apocalypse). Shortly afterward, the noise stopped. The yard looked peaceful and ordinary, and oddly, there was no reaction from the neighborhood dogs. Screech owls make some weird sounds, but this was different. It was a long while before I could fall asleep. I half expected to find a dead extraterrestrial on the front walk this morning, and the (very small) superstitious corner of my mind wonders if we heard the banshee.
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According to an American preacher, the end of the world will occur on Saturday at "around 6 pm" (I am assuming that this is based on local time for Oakland, CA, so please make any necessary conversions to avoid being caught with your pants down).
In response, atheists are holding "rapture parties" to celebrate their impending damnation. I offer some party-planning suggestions; please feel free to leave your own ideas in the comments.

alcoholic drinks--flaming Jesus (vodka, lime, grenadine), screaming purple Jesus (purple Koolaid and something called Everclear which sounds like a cleaning solution)
food--deviled eggs, devil's food cake, angel cake, barbeque ribs, heavenly hash
nonalcoholic drinks--Virgin Mary
movies--2012, Terminator: Judgement Day, Armageddon, The Day after Tomorrow

Edit: Everclear is a "neutral grain spirit" with 95% alcohol content which is often used to make Jello shots and doubles as an antiseptic. Always good to know...
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Has anyone out there read Joe Bageant's Deer Hunting with Jesus: Dispatches from America's Class War? I just stumbled across a review. It discusses the fate of the rural farming class since the corporatization of agriculture. Apparently, the book was quite popular in Australia, UK, and Europe but has been less widely read here in the States. But we don't even like to admit that we have social classes in this country so the title would be a turnoff.
My best friend in high school came from an Appalachian farming family, and I was fascinated and ocassionally repelled by their "Down Home" ways. Their house was filled with clutter and not in the best of repair. They always had a huge garden, and her father kept a few goats in the backyard. He sold the milk for cash, but I suspect that he really just wanted to have some livestock around. The goats were so cute--he often carried chewing tobacco, so they would try to search your coat pockets. A few times a year, her family drove south to visit the old farm in West Virginia. My friend said that you had to crawl under an electrified cow fence to get to the privy, lol. All of this was entirely outside my realm of experience!
It's interesting that (most) Americans no longer feel comfortable making jokes about blacks, women, or Jews, but they feel no such compunction about "hillbilly" jokes.
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had read the book and what they thought of it.
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I brought home leftover fish and chips for them and even cut the fish into little morsels. Not one of them was interested.

Edit: Ann, I'm making magic cookie bars this afternoon (though I am using half butterscotch bits instead of all chocolate chips). Nom.
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Do any of you know how to set up a feed from someone else's Facebook account to LJ? I'd like to get "The Iceland Weather Report," but the writer has moved from a blog to Facebook.

As an advance reward for your assistance, here is's explanation of Livejournal. Lol...

Regarding Facebook, one of my reasons for creating an account was to keep in touch with an old acquaintance who is having a rough time at the moment. Once her life has settled down, I will probably delete the account. Facebook is too intrusive. A Facebook friend posted a link to an LJ poll, and when I clicked on the link, the poll opened in my LJ "friends page" with the response under my LJ user name. Apparently, Facebook used my e-mail address to link to my LJ identity. Not good.
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My left hand is doing fine on the frets, no problem, but my right hand is freaking out because it is suddenly required to use the fingers separately. Very different from holding a bow. Many aspects of guitar playing seem very alien to me. Since the strings are so resonant, you have to stop the strings with your hand whenever there is a rest in the music. I had trouble dealing with that until I decided that I was simply "playing" the rests.
I am still working on growing out the nails on my right hand. My thumbnail is not doing very well. The acrylic hardener didn't seem to agree with it, and now it looks a little deformed. Odd.
So that's my exciting life. Oh, and I've had a respiratory infection for nearly three weeks. The nice doctor gave me antiobiotics because I definitely had a bacterial infection, but the drugs are almost gone and I am still sick. *sigh*
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Physical fitness pioneer Jack LaLanne has died at the age of 96. Let us all stand proudly erect (but don't lock your knees) while the "Chicken Fat Song" is played.

The official title was the "Youth Fitness Song," and President Kennedy had recordings sent to every school in America so that it could be played over the public address system. Doing calisthenics to obnoxious music would build a strong nation that could defeat the Ruskies. Though its debut was actually a little before my time, people were still inflicting this song on children during my childhood.
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That same winter storm that just buried Minneapolis is on its way. The forecast is for 45mph winds and a foot of snow over the next two days. I need to get to the grocers this afternoon, but otherwise, I am not concerned. The storm won't hit until after we get back from the barn this evening, and Lord Branwyn can work from home on Monday if necessary. So we'll huddle around our computers as the snow piles up outside. I should buy ingredients to make Christmas cookies.
Kimba has been parked under the Christmas tree. We aren't sure if she is claiming it for her own or pretending that she is a feral cat. She touched noses with Shiloh yesterday which was a major overture in the ongoing peace negotiations. Of course, she gave a little hiss right afterward, but that is still an improvement over chasing and squabbling.
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I'm still taking t'ai chi classes and even practice on my own once in a while. The physical benefits have been obvious, the spiritual benefits less so. I am the poster child for monkey mind.
Totally off-topic, but Lord Branwyn is watching "Scooby Doo" with me which is the ultimate expression of devotion. He isn't exactly watching it, but he hasn't insisted that I change the channel. Hey, Velma's geek glasses are now high fashion.
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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it.
Since we will be visiting family, I did my cooking today and, for once, I finished at a reasonable hour. We will bring macaroni and cheese (the white sauce version) and cheese quiche. I tried using cooking parchment to roll the pastry between, and it worked much better than waxed paper.
Despite some disappointments, I still have a great deal to be thankful for, including all my friends on LJ.
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I didn't realize how primitive the polling technology was in my county until my sister from Maryland broke out laughing when I told her that we still used the little stylus thingie. Since then we've taken a step backward, going to a paper form with ovals to fill in.

[Poll #1640022]

October 26

Oct. 26th, 2010 07:56 pm
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We arrived home from work to discover that the utility company had, without warning, shut off the gas so they could replace our gas meter. They kindly left a number to call on the door. It turns out that they had already scheduled someone to come to our house to restart the gas this evening. Though they had no reason to assume that we would be at home. In point of fact, neither of us had planned to be home this evening, but thanks to our local utility company, now we are. As the temperature in the house slowly drops, I am waiting for those idiots the gas company to show up. They are going to get an earful from me if I have to shower in cold water tomorrow mornng.
If you have anything diverting to share, I'd appreciate it.
Edit: Maybe I will pretend that I am writing in an unheated garret.
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Yesterday, I read that the movie was a done deal and was moving forward. Today, I read that negotiations are still under way. Just let me know when they've actually started production.
The looooong delay isn't the only thing that is making me cranky. Why is the production company haggling with the actors' union? This film will probably be immensely profitable even if it isn't a very good film. Most actors don't make much money and have very irregular paychecks. Why can't PJ and the studio (whoever it is at this moment) share some of the wealth?
Another source of annoyance is the decision to film in 3D. The trilogy was not improved by PJ's infatuation with overblown special effects (stacks of skulls, anyone?), and 3D will just encourage him to focus even more on special effects at the expense of plot and character development. More personally, for me it means that I won't be able to watch the Hobbit movies in the theatre. Due to a defect in my eyes, I don't have stereoscopic vision and trying to watch a 3D movie will just give me a blinding headache.
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For the last few weeks, my computer has been running more and more slowly and the screen has been flickering on and off, then last night, it suddenly powered down for no reason. Straight to black, not even the "Blue Screen of Death." I had hoped to get another year out of it, but it's time for a new machine. I spent the morning backing up my files (luckily, we already have an external hard-drive) and now have to decide what to buy.
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[Poll #1614262]

Edit: Lord Branwyn has asked me to add another choice: "Lord Branwyn stays at home and lets Lady Branwyn pay the bills."
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The Coast Guard has decided that the little lighthouse on the breakwall is surplus property, so they are offering it to eligible entities (government bodies or non-profit organizations) at no cost. If there are no takers, they will put it up for auction. The public notice states that utilities are "unknown." The Coast Guard doesn't know whether its own building has utilities? Now to convince Lord Branwyn that he wants to live in a decrepit lighthouse which has no electricity or plumbing and can be accessed only by boat.
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I felt the earthquake today! My office is on the ninth floor, and the building swayed a few times. At first, I thought everything was moving around because I was dizzy.
I haven't been home for the past few evenings, but I hope to start catching up tomorrow on LJ reading and commenting.
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