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In honor of the Eighth Doctor's birthday.

My favorite is the early 80s version (at 3:15).
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Best wishes to [ profile] avon7 on her birthday!

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Any fans of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 may be interested in a live performance which will be broadcast in theatres on 10/28. Mike Nelson and other veterans of MST3K will riff on Vincent Price's "The House on Haunted Hill." The last time that Lord B. and I went to one of these performances, it was a hoot.

RiffTrax Live: House on Haunted Hill
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If you aren't a fan of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, just skip this entry because you are no hoopy frood.
Since 10-10-10 is the binary notation for the number 42, some friends held a Hitchhiker's Guide celebration yesterday. I forgot my towel but did manage to bake some cupcakes (devils food chocolate) for it. Today, one of the attendees sent a link to a page about Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings, the worst poet in the galaxy. It turns out that she was real, though "her" name was actually Paul Neil Milne Johnstone and he was a school friend of Douglas Adams. The name "Paul Neil Milne Johnstone" was actually used in early editions of the story. ROTFL!
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Someone on my friendslist (and I apologize for not remembering the name) saw the most recent restoration of Metropolis and was impressed, so I went to a screening last night at the local film society. Amazing! See it if you get the chance. The film society director apologized for the quality of the print, but it was incomparably better than any I have ever seen, plus the plot makes much more sense with the additional 30 minutes of restored footage. Huge sections of the storyline had been cut, which explains why I never could make heads or tails of parts of that film!


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