Mar. 4th, 2011

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I brought home leftover fish and chips for them and even cut the fish into little morsels. Not one of them was interested.

Edit: Ann, I'm making magic cookie bars this afternoon (though I am using half butterscotch bits instead of all chocolate chips). Nom.
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It is ironic that Tolkien, a cultural conservative who loathed the popular music of the 60s, is beloved by many metalheads. His works have provided endless inspiration for band names and lyrics. "JRR Tolkien: A Metal Pioneer?" asks an essay in Metal Observer magazine.
According to the essay, Tolkien-inspired groups include Rivendell, Arathorn, Minas Tirith, Minas Morgul, Isengard (twice), Gandalf (also twice), Moria, Count Grishnack, Lugburz, Ancalagon, Marillion (short for Silmarillion), Morgoth, Rhûn, Amon Amarth, Gorgoroth, Fangorn, Lothlorien, Mordor, Ephel Duath, Morannon, Dagorlad, Elbereth, Morgul, Nazgul, Shagrath, Shadow Host, Cirith Ungol, Cirith Gorgor, Evereve, Khazad-dûm, and Nargothrond.
Metal Observer acknowledges the huge debt owed to Tolkien's work but, in the end, has no explanation for his vast influence on the genre.


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