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[ profile] just_ann_now forwarded the news that the remains of an 18th-century ship have been found at the World Trade Center site. Archaologists suspect that the hull was deliberately sunk as landfill. A reader suggested that they clean it up and rent it out for $1,975 a month. Lol...
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Lord Branwyn and I arrived early at the tall ships festival, hoping to get a chance to tour the Bounty. It turned out that we still did not have enough time before we had to leave for our sail, but it did meant that we had time to look at some of the exhibits and I managed to get a few ship pictures before the crowds arrived.

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While I was looking for information about the tall ship festival, I saw a notice that the Experimental Aviation Association was offering rides over the lakefront in a restored 1929 Ford Tri-motor, the first plane designed as a commercial airliner. How often were we going to have a chance to ride in an 80 year-old plane, and besides, what better way to see the tall ships than from the air?
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My 14 year-old camera gave up the ghost at the beginning of the parade of sail, but the local newspaper posted some stunning photographs. It was so difficult to sit at my desk all day knowing that the ships were only a short walk away. *grin*
Lord B and I are going to tour them this weekend.


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